CrossFitters for a Cure

CrossFitters For A Cure is a charitable event, the purpose of this event is to raise funds and bring awareness to the Alzheimer’s Society. CrossFitters For A Cure’s participants will travel across Canada, from Quebec to British Columbia, visiting over 30 affiliates. The following challenge has been issued to the participating affiliates and their athletes:

“We will come to your gym and complete the proposed WOD. We are asking the participants of this event to raise/donate money for the Alzheimer’s Society; donations can be made through the link on our blog or cash donations will be taken with contact information so tax receipts can later be issued. ‘CrossFitters For A Cure’ t-shirt will be given to the athlete that achieves the greatest result during the workout as well as the athlete that raises the most money for the cause, if donating online please print out the confirmation sheet and bring it to the workout. “

In the spirit of competition, perseverance, and community our hope is to raise a total of $10,000 for the Alzheimer Society. We are confident that with the support of the CrossFit(c) community this event will be a success. All proceeds will be donated to the listed charities

Alzheimer’s is a current and growing problem in Canada. Every five minutes some is diagnosed with dementia, with the total number expected to double in 30 years to 1.25 million. There currently is not enough trained professionals or funding to deal with these increasing numbers, this puts additional stress on family members to provide care themselves. Currently family members spend 231 million hours providing unpaid care. We hope that Crossfit for a Cure will not only raise money to support Alzheimer’s research, but also raise awareness about the issues of the disease.

The disease has touched our own family and the toughest part is watching the person you have know for so long slowly slip away and there is nothing you can do about it. We hope that we can see a cure in our lifetime and every dollar donated brings us one step closer to that goal.

Update from Alex Stonkus:

I hope all is well, we just wanted to touch base as date for the trip is quickly approaching. Attched is a brief summary of what CrossFitters For a Cure is about and we hope to accomplish, in case you wanted to inform your athletes beforehand/post on your website.
When we arrive at your gym, run it as you normally would. We will give a brief introduction about ourselves, the cause, and collect donnations.
With reagrdsto donnations we have come up with three options:
1. The athlete donnates directly to the Alzheimers Society Of Canada through our blog and either e-mail us a copy of the receipt or print out the recipt and bring it to the event.
2. The athlete brings in the cash donnations and then pledges them to the Alzheimers Society of Canada to be donnated shortly thereafter.
3. We will take the cash donnations and the athletes information and donnate on there behalf once the event is completed and a receipt will then be mailed to that athlete from teh alzheimers Society.
Options 1 and 2 are preferred, as we would rather not handle any cash donnations.


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