CrossFit Winnipeg is a unique strength and conditioning facility located at 739 Lagimodiere.  Our 10,000 sq.ft. facility is equipped with free weights, gymnastic and agility equipment, kettlebells, lots open space to move around, change rooms, showers and plenty of parking.

But CFW isn’t just a gym, it is a community.  When you join CrossFit Winnipeg, you are joining a community that will lead you to long term quality of life. We focus on building strength, conditioning, pain free mobility, and optimal nutritional practices.

At CrossFit Winnipeg, you won’t find rows of fancy cardio machines, walls covered with mirrors, or magazines and television sets.  What you will find are professional, supportive coaches and a fun learning environment.  You will be educated, guided, supported, and encouraged by trainers and fellow athletes every time you come in.  You will learn to move your body and external objects effectively and safely.  You will learn lifestyle and nutrition strategies to keep you strong, healthy and happy.

If you’re interested but not sure you want to commit, check out our Getting Started page or just call us at (204) 414-9348 to schedule your free orientation session.