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"If I could use only one word to describe what my personal training experience at North Star Fitness has given me, I would choose the word “confidence”. I have been training 2 times a week for just over a year. I'm 62 years old and have never had any serious health issues, but had been noticing more general aches, pains and weaknesses which, I assumed, were age related and something I just had to accept. What you has taught me is that I can build strength and endurance at any age and that the aches and pains can often be minimized and sometimes eliminated altogether. This, in turn, gives me the confidence to do more and feel better. Each session is different and never feels mundane or boring. I am always being challenged and at the same time respected. My questions are always answered to my satisfaction and I can honestly say that I come away from each session feeling stronger and more capable."


Found my strength

"No matter what happens, every session started with a smile and butt-kicking message from Ren to keep me going till the end to finish strong, positive and successful! A knowledgeable coach, his approach is a mind-body one that has benefited me in all aspects of my life. Beyond his skills of tweaking, modifying and adjusting moves and exercises to avoid pain or unnecessary discomfort, he combines mental strategies with physical abilities to help me reach my highest level of performance with each workout. Over and over, he helped me find strength when I, myself, couldn’t see or feel it. Ren’s approach to fitness was very suitable for me and what I was hoping to achieve. It is a lifestyle approach that encompasses physical, mental and emotional health to reach optimal performance. Working out is good, but so is eating, knowing your body, understanding your habits and working all of it as a whole to reach success. And when life happens, coach Ren reminds you and encourages you to accept it and incorporate it into your goals!"


A good investment in myself

"My program and coaching has helped me rebuild range of motion, while improving core strength and flexibility. Each session is challenging, fun and adapted to my needs. Ben shows me how to complete the exercise, coaches me through it, and gently challenges me to do more and try harder. He is knowledgeable about muscles and the body, and answers all my questions with patience and humour.

With Ben's help I have learned to breathe properly and focus, and gained the confidence to work through the program. I feel better and stronger. My shoulder is almost fully functional. I love these sessions and look forward to meeting up with Ben for a new challenge. Signing up for personal training with Ben De Zwart was the best decision I could have made to meet my goals, and a good investment in myself"


Seeing results

The biggest benefit for me with my online training is how customized it is. By connecting with my coach every single day through personal messages and videos, we work together to make sure I’m keeping up with my fitness plan. I can also share feedback explaining which exercises I find challenging or not hard enough (rare), so we can modify to make sure I’m always moving toward the goals I laid out. This is the most successful I have ever been with sticking to a workout plan and it is 100 per cent because of the customization and communication from my coach.

Having custom home workouts designed specifically for the equipment I own and fitness goals I have has made all the difference in my workouts. I actually workout regularly now. I workout everything over the course of the week. And I’m seeing the results.


Sticking with this one

"I've learned to appreciate the gym for more than the weight I've wanted to lose, but instead focus on how much weight I can now lift. It's been more about what I've gained this year than what I've lost. I've tried multiple other gyms, but I'm sticking with this one, not because of what I want to lose, but because of how much I've gained. It's part of my life now and I want to thank everyone for this past year."


Stronger and faster

"The physical is just a byproduct of the real success. I'm getting stronger and faster everyday and that’s what is really making me happy!"