apples, shoes, water, earbuds, and tape measure

7 Effective Habits of Fat Loss

There is no shortage of information on fat loss, and so many different effective ways to lose fat. I think that the hard part is implementing the changes. In other words, how do we translate all this information into simple things we can do every day. That’s what I had in mind when I put together this list of fat loss habits. Each of these seven tips involves replacing an unhealthy habit with a healthier one.

Habit #1: More goals, less regrets.

Goals are important to success in any endeavour and health and fitness are no different. Know what you want to achieve and do what it takes to get there, so that you never have to regret your choices again.

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Habit #3: More water, less lattes.

Staying hydrated is a key ingredient to fat loss. I have nothing against a good coffee but syrups, flavour shots and artificial sweeteners are not part of a healthy lifestyle. Replace fancy expensive drinks with a good old americano or a cup of unsweetened tea.


Habit #4: More protein and fat, less sugar.

Successful fat loss begins with the right food and eating foods that help control your blood sugar will help your body shed fat. Take a good look at how much sugar is in each meal you eat, then take steps to replace some of that sugar with healthy proteins and fats.

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Habit #5: More weight training, less cardio.

We’ve been told for years that cardio is the key to fat loss, when research suggests that high intensity, functional movements allow you to build muscle and burn fat. It is not necessary to engage in endless boring hours on the treadmill when you include strength training and intervals in your workout routine.

apples, shoes, water, earbuds, and tape measure

Habit #6: More sleep, less TV.

Sleep helps reduce the effects of stress. When we’re stressed we tend to make unhealthy choices. Make sure you’re getting plenty of sleep each night so that your body is properly recovered. TV before bed inhibits your body’s ability to produce melatonin, which is key to getting a good night’s sleep, so cut down on TV time and snuggle up with a good book instead.

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Habit #7: More accountability, less envy.

Comparing ourselves to others makes us lose sight of our goals. We are the most successful when we are being held accountable. That’s why joining a group fitness program or having a workout buddy is so effective. We are more successful in numbers. You can start this process by connecting with one of our trainers for a free consultation at

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