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CrossFit Winnipeg: Wednesday, September 10, 2014

DSC03883Health,  Fitness & Performance:
A. 15-20 minutes skill work on:
precision jumps box to box or beam to beam
balance work on beam
tripod or tripod to headstand
B. 30 min at sub maximal pace:
Grip Complex (overhand, underhand, overhand, monkey hang 1 per side) x 3 reps
Candlestick  10 reps
Farmer carry 2 gym lengths
L-Sit Hold 20-30 sec

* Click on links for demo videos on the gymnastics movements. Focus on good shoulder positioning and hollow body for all the gymnastics movements.
* Precision jumps are used in parkour to jump from one surface or obstacle to another. We’ll start simple, by jumping from one low box to another, or from one beam to another. Start with a short distance between your surfaces and as you get comfortable move them further apart. For those just starting out you can even use a few plates if you’re not ready for boxes or beams. Aim for consistency in sets of 8 to 10 reps before moving on to something tougher.
* The Grip complex is essentially an active hang with grip work, so keep shoulders back and down, and good hollow body.

A. Split Jerk from Rack, build to heavy double, then DS 2×2
B. Clean & Jerk, build to heavy double
C. OH Squat, build to heavy triple, then DS 3×3

A. Snatch from blocks or low hang, 6 sets of 3
B. Clean Pull, 6 sets of 3
C. Behind the neck split jerk, build to heavy single
D. Pause OH Squat 6 sets of 2


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