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CrossFit Winnipeg: Thursday, April 10th, 2014

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14.2 Overhead Squats & Chest to Bar

A. 3 Sets:
DB Split Squat 8-10 reps per leg@ 30X1
Barbell Good Morning; 8-10 reps @30X1
B. 2 sets for reps:
2 min KB Goblet Squat (55/35)
2 min Russian KB Swings (55/35)
2 min rest
C. 100 hip extensions in least number of sets
OR Spring Leaning Benchmark (if not done yet)

A. 4 Sets:
DB Split Squat 4-5 reps per leg@ 30X1
Barbell Good Morning; 4-5 reps @30X1
B. 5 sets for quality:
6-8 reps KB Goblet Squat
8-10 reps Russian KB Swings
2 min rest between sets
C. 3 sets of 10 GHD Hip extensions @3013
OR Spring Leaning Benchmark (if not done yet)

A. 3 Sets:
BB Split Squat 8-10 reps per leg@ 30X1
Barbell Good Morning; 8-10 reps @30X1
B. 2 sets for eps:
2 min DB Thrusters (50/35 per hand)
2 min OH KB Swings (70/55)
2 min rest
C. 50 Glute Ham Raises in least number of sets OR Spring Leaning Benchmark (if not done yet)
D. 30 min outdoor run at easy recovery pace no timer just enjoy

Coach’s Tips

Part A is the continuation of the series from the last week or so, you will note that the reps are slightly lower so you can increase the weight if technique is solid for the reps and tempo indicated. The split squats can be done with front foot slightly elevated (easiest), with both feet on floor (intermediate) or Bulgarian style, with the back foot elevated (advanced).  The goal is full range of motion.  For those wanting to focus on improving your squats and olympic lifts, please focus on moving down in a forward diagonal like an escalator rather than straight down, while still keeping your torso upright. You should end up with as much of your hamstring touching your calf as possible while keeping heel planted, imitating a deep squat with that front leg.  However, if you tend to have knee issues or limited mobility it might be easier for you to just go straight down as this will allow you to stay on your heel better. For Part B, try to get as many reps on the second set as the first set.  You can do these in any order or stagger if necessary in larger classes, but the goal is to not set down the weights for the full two minutes.  I recommend doing performance only if you want to compete in the sport of CrossFit, as the movements and loads are not designed for fitness or health but rather for competing.  For example, there is no reason to do overhead kettlebell swings, it is an exercise that is only done in CrossFit competitions and has very little training value, and can actually be quite harmful if you don’t have excellent mobility. So if your health is a priority do Russian swings and feel free to go heavier if the Rx weights are not challenging enough and you don’t plan to set down the kettlebell for the full 2 minutes.  If you did not get the chance to do the Spring Leaning Benchmark yesterday, please ask the coach to do it today as part of either your warm-up or instead of the finisher the end.  For the finisher, you are looking to do the 100 hip extensions without stopping or at least without getting off the GHD, and aim to do these in as few sets as possible.  If you did this in powerlifting on Saturday, try to improve your time or your sets.


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