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CrossFit Winnipeg: Monday, September 8, 2014

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Couple that WOD together, stay together 😉

Health, Fitness & Performance:
A. 4 sets:
OHS 4-5 reps @32X1
B. 4 sets:
1 min Single Leg Romanian Deadlift alternate sides
1 min spiderman plank alternate sides
1 min sled pull
1 min rest
C. 2 sets:
Couch Stretch 1 min per side
Double Lacrosse Ball to T-Spine 1 min

* For the overhead squats, do a few warm-up sets, then adjust load per set to account for tempo, and rest -2 minutes between sets.  Some athletes may need to work with an empty bar, a training bar or possibly even a dowel or the wall and this is ok, you will still get a good workout. If you don’t have weightlifting shoes and find you need to be a bit more upright in your squat, you may elevate your heels on plates, but make sure you do the necessary mobility work for next time.

* For Part B, adjust loads to keep working at a sub-maximal consistent pace for the minute long intervals.  RDL’s can be done with a KB or DB with opposite hand or same hand but focus on balance and positioning. For both RDLs and spiderman planks, keep it slow and controlled to get the most benefit. Lean forward as you bring your knee to elbow on your spiderman plank as a way to start working on planche progressions.

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