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CFW Weekly Update for May 26, 2018

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We’re celebrating 10 years with a party, a workout, and open house and some good food.  June 13th is the day. Feel free to bring friends and family as we’ll have door prizes!  RSVP to info@crossfitwinnipeg.com

We continue assessing our Level Method categories this week. Through the end of this week you’ll get the chance to test each of the 15 categories so that you can achieve an overall level. We’ll actually repeat the categories a few times over the assessment period so that you can make up what you missed. What’s cool about this is that once you know where you are at in each category, you will instantly know how to choose the best version of the WOD for your individual needs. If you’ve received an email saying you have an overall level of White, it’s because we’ve entered default levels for all CrossFit members, so the levels you have not entered yourself are listed as White. As you continue to level up in each category, you’ll be able to see your overall level move up!

If you haven’t yet signed up to take advantage of this awesome progress tracking tool, it’s not too late. Just go to https://crossfitwinnipeg.levelmethod.com/ to sign up using your email. Enter “crossfitwinnipeg” as the gym code and you can start entering your test results.  As long as you wrote your results on the board at the gym, we’ll validate the results for you! 

If you don’t already have your Overall level, now’s your chance to get it — and besides the great insight that information gives us into your fitness, it will also qualify you to play in a World Wide Photo Contest coming up. Level Method HQ is running a global photo/video contest where the grand prize winner will win $500 cash along with other really cool sponsor prizes. There will be other winners based on a judges panel too (so not just one winner). BUT, you’ve got to have your overall level to play!  This is going to be a fun next couple months, time to get ready for Summer!



This is WEEK 3 of Testing. You’ll see some of our categories repeat again this week, but in different combinations and on different days of the week, to give all our members the opportunity to test all the categories, even if you aren’t able to come in every day of the week.

Each day this week has TWO options — either Test, or do an alternate workout that is similar in nature.

Monday we’re Testing the Deadlift, and Upper Body & Lower Body Endurance.  Start with a 10 min warmup designed to prepare & warmup the midline & stabilizers. Review the deadlift before releasing to build.  If you’re not Testing, do everything in the same way, but do 5 deadlifts every 3 min, increasing weight each set.   Then, 25 min for UB/LB Endurance, or the option that hits similar muscle groups. Test quality all around! Anyone doing Push Press should build weight immediately.  The UB/LB Endurance can require extra setup time, so we’ve allotted plenty; the test itself is all about managing fatigue. This is an opportunity to determine a rep game-plan and then FOLLOW IT. Break up reps early & often, keeping an eye on the clock, and pacing appropriately.

Tuesday Tests Rings and Row. Six minute warmup to get the breath going,  with upper body activation & stabilization. Then a 5 min shoulder stability set, and 5 min Ring Review for Testing or work. To succeed in the Rowing Test … stick to the PLAN!  We have seen many 20 minute row attempts, most of them successful — but the fails were due to poor initial pacing.  The first 5 minutes at goal pace should feel fairly easy … do NOT speed up early.  Be efficient with your technique to hold your pace, with each stroke identical and perfect. This way muscles won’t fatigue too early & derail you. If not Testing, you’ll do a 20 minute AMRAP of Doubleunders, Airbike, Box Stepups and Wallballs.

Wednesday we are Testing API, or doing a 17 minute Partner AMRAP. The workout starts with a quick 5 min circle group warmup.  Review each movement of API, with an emphasis on the Hang Power Clean and Push-press.  We’ll test in partners to count each other’s reps.  Set up stations & then do the rehearsal — 50 min available for this, including a 10 min review/ setup, & time for two 20 minute heats. We will have to be on top of this! Everyone should have a game plan in terms of reps & goals for each round.   As with the Running Test, if you hit that first round 100% you will be on pace for a HUGE Level-up … but  do NOT  do it — you will fall off quick!  If not testing, the workout is a partner workout consisting of Rowing, Hang Power Cleans, and Toes To Bar.

Thursday Tests Squat Endurance and Neurological & Core.   Starts with a 5 min neurologically demanding game to ramp up. For those not testing Squat endurance, we’ll be doing an EMOM that trains squat endurance appropriately for each level, alternating movements each minute to include single leg work and bilateral squat endurance work. Then 5 min for doubleunder practice and review to prep for Neurological & Core testing.  Anyone Testing <BLUE will work appropriate options including skipping and situps, knees to elbows or toes to bar. If  >BLUE, prep for Annie. If  NOT Testing, it’s a skipping and situps Tabata.

Friday we’re Testing the UB Pull and Lactic Tolerance.  The session starts with up to 15 min of a fun 2-part partner warmup.  Then moves to Lat Preparation for the UB Pull.  If not testing, set a 10 min clock, and depending on level, build in 10 min Chinups, or go every 2 minutes.  Move to Lactic Tolerance and Review all movements, with emphasis on Test movements.   Each person then practices to meet all standards for their prescribed movements. We’ll set up stations, get organized, build weight. There’s 25 min slotted, plenty for this workout to make sure everyone is warmed up, organized, and prepared appropriately. The Lactic Tolerance Test is very uncomfortable if done correctly.  Accept this from the start, with a sense of urgency. Break up reps as needed to maintain a fast, consistent pace — do NOT go unbroken just to go unbroken. You won’t get extra points and taking long rests will suck up much time.  Breaks should be short. Focus on movement quality & efficiency will help cut down time & save energy for the end of the workout. Round 9 needs to be a sprintfinish strong and hit that Level!  If not testing, do a 15-12-9 workout of Thrusters, Burpees or variation, and Pullups.

Saturday we’re Testing Kettlebell and Flexibility.    Start with a KB & mobility warmup,  w/ low back & grip specific activation. Then a 6 min review of each KB movement; Russian-, One-arm-, & -Snatch.   Be sure to review STRATEGY before starting the test.  Break up sets early & often.  Do NOT jump more than 2 Levels unless totally certain.   Rehearse to get a feel for goal pace, then we start the clock for 10 min.  The final time is spent on flexibility work — either testing flexibility, or rotating through on 90s stations between Wall Squats, Seated Straddle & Pigeon. If not testing KBs you’ll do a 10 min AMRAP consisting of KB Snatches or variation, Goblet Squats and Handstand Pushups or variation.

Sunday is a make-up Day for the 9am CrossFit class and cleans for Weightlifting.


Monday we start with Turkish Get Up Skill work, great for activation, and core and shoulder stability.  For conditioning a 15 minute AMRAP with sled work, DB snatches, hip thrusts, and Box step-overs.

Tuesday is a 30 minute conditioning circuit with rowing, air bike, planks, ball slams, and mountain climbers.

Wednesday’s strength work is upper body pulling and conditioning will be shorter more intense full body AMRAPs with bodybuilders, KBS, lunges and renegade rows.

Thursday we work on suitcase deadlifts and carries, followed by a timed workout of 3 rounds of running or rowing, box jumps or step ups and wall ball shots.

Friday we’ve got back squats and sled drags, a bit heavier today with only 5 reps on the back squat and more rest than usual.  Follow that up with a short but intense airbike and situp couplet and some upper body accessory work for the finisher.

Saturday is a 3-parter, starting with a bench press EMOM, then Tabata Squats, and finishing with a 500m row sprint.


Monday is a fun tabata for distance with various sled, carry, and animal locomotive movements.

Tuesday is kettlebell squats and deadlifts with single arm dumbbell presses.

Wednesday we’ve got an AMRAP of KB Swings, side step-overs, airbike and ring rows.

Thursday is a circuit with DB step-ups, DB thrusters, bodybuilders, and situps.

Friday is a 10 min KB & lunge emom, followed by a short core finisher

Saturday is a partner workout with running or rowing and ball slams, step-ups, and a core finisher.



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