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CFW Weekly Update for May 20, 2018

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We continue assessing our Level Method categories this week. Through the end of next week you’ll get the chance to test each of the 15 categories so that you can achieve an overall level. We’ll actually repeat the categories a few times over the assessment period so that you can make up what you missed. What’s cool about this is that once you know where you are at in each category, you will instantly know how to choose the best version of the WOD for your individual needs. 

If you haven’t yet signed up to take advantage of this awesome progress tracking tool, it’s not too late. Just go to https://crossfitwinnipeg.levelmethod.com/ to sign up using your email. Enter “crossfitwinnipeg” as the gym code and you can start entering your test results.  As long as you wrote your results on the board at the gym, we’ll validate the results for you! 

If you don’t already have your Overall level, now’s your chance to get it — and besides the great insight that information gives us into your fitness, it will also qualify you to play in a World Wide Photo Contest coming up. Level Method HQ is running a global photo/video contest where the grand prize winner will win $500 cash along with other really cool sponsor prizes. There will be other winners based on a judges panel too (so not just one winner). BUT, you’ve got to have your overall level to play!  This is going to be a fun next couple months, time to get ready for Summer!


CF60 this week – This is WEEK 2 of Testing. You’ll see some of our categories repeat over the next week or two, but in different combinations and on different days of the week, to give all our members the opportunity to test all the categories, even if you aren’t able to come in every day of the week.

Each day this week has TWO options — either Test, or do an alternate workout that is similar in nature.

Monday is a holiday so we won’t be testing Level Method specifically, instead we have a team workout with box jumps for height and Partner “Murph”.

Tuesday we’ll be recovering from the weekend so we’ll be doing some lower intensity aerobic work and testing our Level Method Flexibility. This will be a circuit including rowing, skipping, step-ups, core work, burpees, shuttle runs.

Wednesday we’re Testing the UB Pull and Lactic Tolerance i.e. a variation of “Fran”. The session starts with up to 15 min of a fun partner workout.  Then Part Two starts with Lat Preparation for the UB Pull.  If not testing, we’ll set a 10 min clock, and depending on level, build in 10 min, or go every 90s.  Move to Lactic Tolerance and review all Test movements. There’s 25 min slotted, so when everyone is set up, we’ll go through the rehearsal, building weight & getting a feel for everything. If not testing Lactic Tolerance, do a 5 min ascending ladder AMRAP of Burpee over Bar & Power cleans. Goal is 10+10

Thursday tests Weightlifting and Running.   Start with a quick 5 min general warmup with a jumping focus.  Move right to Weightlifting review, and clean progressions — 30 min are allotted for technique and work — plenty of time for everyone to build confidently.  If not testing, on a 90s clock do 8 rnds, for a total of 12 min. Immediately following Weightlifting, you’ll have 25 minutes for the Run Test or alternative workout.  10 minutes preparing with line drills to get everything warmed up and engaged. If not testing, you’ll do 3 rounds of 400m run, Box Jump Overs and Wallballs. Goal is <11:00

Friday Tests the UB Push and Squat Endurance.   Start with a quick 5 min general mobility warmup with mixed pressing and squatting. There are two strength portions, and an optional finisher. We’ll start with UB Push and prepare w/ 5 min press focused work —  20 minutes allotted for the UB Push.  Then Squat Endurance, 20 minutes allotted — prepare w/ some quick activation, then Test.  The final portion of this session — a 500m row Time Trial – is OPTIONAL but a great way to cap off this strength session. Quickly review Row fundamentals like keeping your feet planted, and avoid whipping the chain, then run everyone in heats, get the energy going!

Saturday Tests Front Squat and Neurological & Core.   Starts with a 5 min neurologically demanding game to ramp up. Then moves to a ~10 min partner activation series, that includes jump rope single movements.   The Front Squat portion  will get midline activation prepared.  There is plenty of time (20 min) to build & add weight safely.  If NOT testing, do 5-10 Front Squats every 3 min for 4 sets —  12 min total. Then 5 min for doubleunder practice and review.  Anyone Testing <BLUE will work appropriate options. If they are >BLUE, prep for Annie. If  NOT Testing, it’s Double-unders & Toes To Bar.




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