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CFW Weekly Update for June 9, 2019

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10 Year anniversary Party is on Thursday!!! Hope to see everyone there!



For our strength and skill work this week, we have Clean & jerks on Monday,  Weighted Pullups on Tuesday,  Heavy Backsquats on Wednesday and Snatch work on Saturday.  Opportunities to Level up this week include: Weightlifting on Monday and Saturday, Upper Body Pulling on Tuesday (feel free to test during the strength portion), and double unders on Friday.

Monday — A quick 10 minute warmup starts the session, preparing for jumping. Spend 20 minutes working on weightlifting skill & then building weight to prepare for the workout. Today it’s a high breathing interval workout with building clean and jerks within each set, running, and core work.  

Tuesday the session starts with active mobility. There is a quick lat activation set before pullups, and movement specific work before the workout itself.   The workout starts with weighted pullups, then moves to a hard, fast, high powered (intense) shorter workout that includes pullups and front squats.  It should burn and should be uncomfortable.    

Wednesday — The warmup is a very quick priming workout to prep for immediate transition to the strength portion.  This is a heavy backsquat day followed by a breathing & stamina work involving deadlifts, back squats and burpees.  It is a REPEAT from 2/4/19.

Thursday — The warmup is designed to activate core and inverted support muscles. This a higher skill day and includes inversion/core work —  L-sits and Handstand walking at the highest levels — should be challenging — followed by a longer muscular burning workout involving pushup variations, box jumps and toes to bar variations.

Friday starts with  double-under skills & drills with specific practice work. Today it’s a high breathing, fun & interesting workout with a buy-in & penalties. There are some muscular burning elements (stamina) in the 3 round portion, involving airbike, wall balls, skipping and pullups or muscle up variations as a penalty.

Saturday is dedicated exclusively to snatches. The warmup is designed to prep shoulders & midline, and moves right to snatch technique skills & drills followed by time to build. Then a partner DB snatch session with an EMOM air squat requirement.

Sunday is make up day. Make up any workout you missed from the week’s programming or test the Weightlifting, Upper Body Pulling or Neuro & Core Category. Benchmark of the week is Annie!



Monday has two parts — Wall Squats and Sled Drags, then a Dirty 30, a variation on Filthy 50 we did last week in our CF60 class.  

Tuesday has two parts — Deadlifts and a Superset of Rows, Pushups, and  step-ups.

Wednesday — We start with some upper body pulling strength work, followed by a 20 minute high breathing AMRAP including Wallballs & Row Cals, and skipping.

Thursday starts with bench press and good mornings followed by a lower body KB workout with deadlifts, cleans, lunges and carries.  

Friday starts with pivot ring rows and BB Step-ups, followed by a dumbbell workout with hang power cleans, front squats and some situps.

Saturday is a point-based partner workout with options for running, rowing, tire flips, step-ups and kb swings.  “Skee Ball” is all about playing to your strengths —  sticking to a plan will give a big score. 


Monday is an AMRAP with db push press, db lunges and shuttle runs or bodybuilders.

Tuesday we’ve got a longer AMRAP of skipping, KB Swings, airbike, step-ups and ball slams.

Wednesday is a partner workout with rowing, db work, planks and sled pulls.

Thursday is a tabata circuit of skipping, air squats, situps and plate G2O.

Friday is a timed workout with airbike, db thrusters and bodybuilders, with a time cap as needed.

Saturday we start with some hip mobility and stability work and then a short AMRAP with KB swings, Goblet squats, and pushups.



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