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CFW Weekly Update for January 6, 2018


2019 is in full swing!  We’re seeing some new faces in the gym so please make sure to make them feel welcome. We had a great Club and mace workshop this weekend, in fact it went so well we are thinking of having another one.  We are also starting our 21 Day nutrition kick start next week. Check out the Facebook group for more details. We also have CF for CF coming up in a couple of weeks, it’s not too late to get involved in this awesome charity event!  Last but not least, on the 27th we’ll also be hosting our annual Health & Wealth even, a Q&A with local health and finance experts.


This week will be a fun one, with a classic CrossFit benchmark on Wednesday. This one will burn!  In the next little while you’ll be seeing a bit more work around improving some of our Level Method categories, things like more pushups and pullups more often. You’ll also see that some of the workouts and rep schemes will be modified based on Levels. Keep  in mind that the recommendations are based on not only the level but also the amount of volume, i.e. total reps, and the size of the sets, as well as the energy systems that make up that workout. For example, you might find that in one workout we recommend jumping pullups and in another ring rows, and in another banded pullups, all for the same person, but we are switching it up based on what we are trying to achieve in that workout.

Spoiler Alert!  Click on the links below to see the details of this week’s group workouts.

CF45 Jan 7 to Jan 13

CF60 Jan 7 to Jan 13

CF30 Jan 7 to Jan 12

CrossFit Weightlifting Dec 30 to Feb 3

55 Plus Dec 24 to Jan 18

Mommy Me Dec 25 to Jan 24


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