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CFW Weekly Update for April 7, 2018

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Quick note – the Saturday 1pm CrossFit Class is moving back to 8am starting in April.   This seems to be a better fit for the season.

In other news, if you’re looking for someone to help you look after your aches and pains and dings, Josée from Deezar Physiotherapy is running Saturday clinic hours here at the gym.  More about that HERE and book online HERE.


CF60 this week:

Monday starts with Front Squats, then 9 rounds of Stamina work consisting of Light deadlifts,  Goblet Squats & Elevated Ring rows.   This is a pulling dominated workout, with squats mixed in. 

Tuesday is an aerobic power with a heavy element  — here Push Jerks.  The volume will be relatively low on Push jerks, likely <40 total reps. You’ll start with a technical, crisp skill build before jumping in. Focus is on breathing, consistent movement and bracing while breathing.   

Wednesday is our Functional Body Building day:  a tempo’d back squat, core work, pullup strength, and moderate-load KB press endurance. Rotate through on 90 sec, starting wherever needed, with necessary time to get set up properly.    

Thursday is aerobic power, but there are stamina elements — proper pacing will keep it from shifting the system to Lactic Tolerance.  Focus is pacing & breathing. There are 3 intervals, descending in time — 6, 4, ≈2 — with 1 min rests btw.    

Friday is a tough shoulder day;  focus on technique & perfect movement.  Start with WEEK 2 Press progressions;  move to a Workout that has inverted pressing and front squats.  Managing muscular fatigue is crucial. This one needs to be GAMED, especially for anyone at PURPLE≤.    

Saturday is WEEK 2 Deadlift progressions, then a row, core, grip partner extravaganza!   Plus a buyout of burpee over rower — each partner aiming for ≈20 reps (the smaller-set Burpees on Thurs have significantly different feeling/ experience).

Spoiler Alert!  Click on the links below to see the details of this week’s group workouts.

CF60 Apr 8 to 14

CF30 Apr 8 to 13

CF45 Apr 8 to 13

CF Oly Apr 1 to 28

55 Plus Mar 25 to Apr 12

Mommy and Me Apr 9 to 25



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