And the 30 Day Real Food Challenge Winners are…

First, congratulations to everyone who took on the challenge.  I’m very proud of you.  The results were astounding for many of you and our hope is that you can extend the challenge beyond 30 days now that you see how powerful nutrition can be for your well-being and performance.

After months of measuring and remeasuring, we’ve finally tabulated the results. Not everyone took pictures or wrote testimonials so we decided to go with a statistical approach, using composition in our calculations.  The results were tabulated based on overall bodyfat lost and relative bodyfat % lost and number of days between measurements.  In these statistics we only included those of you who were in the 30 to 40 day range, however, we did take into account number of days between measurements.


The 30 Day Real Food Challenge Winners are…

1st Place: Allison Santoro, who lost the most % bodyfat, the most % bodyfat relative to starting body composition and most % bodyfat per day.

2nd Place: Regan Windsor, who came in third in most % bodyfat lost, second in most % bodyfat lost relative to starting body composition and in % bodyfat lost per day.

3rd Place: Nicole Stewart, who came in second for most % bodyfat lost.

4th Place: Meagan Minaker, who came in 5th for most % bodyfat lost and 3rd for bodyfat loss per day.

5th Place: Jodi Podolas, who came in a close 4th or 5th in virtually all the categories we tabulated.


Congratulations to all of you!  We promised to split the pot from the real food challenge, with 50% going to the gym and 50% going to the winners.  The total revenue from the challenge was $875.00 so half of that is $437.50.    Come to the gym to pick up your cheques!  Winnings will be distributed as follows.

Alison = $250.00

Regan = $125.00

Nicole = $62.50


Congratulations to our “Bonus Round” winners, for best body composition at the end of the challenge.  Here we’ve included everyone who participated even if there was more than 30 days between measurements.  Everyone here will receive a CFW credit for $25.

  1. Michelle Baril
  2. Angela Magri
  3. Jodi Podolas
  4. Natalie Power


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