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A Paradigm Shift is what the Doctor Ordered

Hi everyone,

I hope I didn’t lose anyone with the whole corrupt food/health/political system stuff. I really feel that if you are going to live the whole food/sleep when it is dark life you should know why the systems mentioned are working against you. I think you need to know why there is so much confusion and who propagates that confusion amongst us lay folk. 

I came across a book not too long ago by Chris Kresser called Unconventional Medicine. In it Kresser offers solutions for chronic disease reversal and chronic disease prevention. Kresser offers solutions on how to incentives the metabolic side of health care. Of course his system was made for and works in an American model. Canadian Health care costs money none the less. If the solutions offered in his book were to be implemented on a national level here and tweaked to fit Canadians I think the cream would rise to the top. People like Joel Salatin, a carbon farmer in Virginia who can produce more calories per acre without chemical inputs than any chemical mono crop operation. Imagine transforming a 1000 acre Canola crop with all its chemicals and fossil fuels replaced by 10 family farms using very little petrochemicals and no biocides. Farms that mimic local biological processes and produce lots of calories that cure disease. This in turn sequesters carbon into the soil. We have tremendous potential to capture all the carbon released onto the air by human activity since we started lighting fires through intensive soil management. We would save billions in health care. Grand Parents can have foot races with grand kids. I know I will. Give Kresser’s solution a listen.

Inform your own opinion,

Coach Gary 


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