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WildFire Farms Multiple Delivery Dates


WildFire Farms have planned multiple deliveries for Novemeber through December:WFF_Logo_Final_KPN_20100512_transparentArtboard

November 4th between 5:30-6 PM

November 25th between 5:30-6 PM

December 16th between 5:30-6 PM

Check out their poster here: WildFire Farms

Click HERE to order online or simply email your order to info@wildfirefarms.ca


About Wildfire Farms & Grass Fed Beef…

WildFire has 100% natural grass fed and finished beef.

Grass fed beef is higher in:

– Bata Carotene

– Omega-3 – CLA (Conjugated linoliec acid)

– Vitamin A & E

True grass fed products are:

– natural and wholesome with no artificial hormones, antibiotics and pesticides

– superior in human nutrition

– good for the environment

– superior to the finest flavours and eating satisfaction

The farm is free of :

– Antibiotics

– Fertilizers

– Hormones

– Steroids

– Grain

– No animal by products



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