Weightlifting will make you more powerful, stronger, faster and more agile. Olympic Weightlifting is the foundation for speed-strength sports such as track and field, football, hockey, soccer, etc. The sport of Weightlifting teaches not only physical skills but life skills of focus and discipline. In our digitalized and information era, we cannot underestimate the importance of developing the ability to block out distractions and cultivate concentration and mindfulness.


CrossFit Winnipeg is the home of Dakota Weightlifting Club. Head Coach Terry Hadlow started lifting in 1970 at the age of thirteen. He was a member of the Canadian Junior National team at seventeen, Senior B team at eighteen, and on the Senior A team at nineteen. He was selected to three junior world teams and competed in two of them. His best finish was a tie for third place, but he lost on body weight. His best lifts as a junior were 140-167.5 in the 82.5 class. Terry won medals in the 1978 Commonwealth Games and 1979 Pan Am Games, and was selected to the 1980 and 1984 Canadian Olympic Games team. He competed in five senior world championships, with a best finish of twelfth in Moscow in 1983, with 90kg lifts of 155-185. Terry’s best lifts ever in competition were 160-190 and his best training lifts were 163-195 at 90kg. Terry stopped lifting in 1991 age 33 and didn’t touch a weight to Olympic lift again until 2005, at the age of 48. He went on to win the Masters Pan Am in 2006. At the age of fifty, Terry competed in the 2008 World Masters at 85kg in Greece and won with lifts of 112-135. In 2010 he went to Poland in the same category and won with lifts of 113-135. His best lifts in that division were 114-139. Those lifts were enough to qualify him for the Canadian Senior Championships as a 53 year old. Terry is the only Canadian to have competed in senior nationals in five different decades -1970s, 1980s, 1990s, 2000s, and 2010s. After that, Terry took a break from world competition and trained to compete in competitions in North America. His last competition was the 2013 Pan Ams in Chicago, Illinois. He won with lifts of 108 (world record)- 132, for a total of 240 (also a world record).

The Dakota Weightlifting Club trains at CrossFit Winnipeg mornings, evenings and weekends:

  • Monday to Friday mornings 9AM to 11AM
  • Monday and Thursday evenings 6PM to 8PM
  • Saturday and Sunday afternoons 11AM to 1PM

For more information on The Dakota Weightlifting Club, please visit their website at http://www.dakotaweightlifting.com/