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Weekly Update for May 25th, 2014

So many events coming up this summer, please keep an eye on the Upcoming Events to make sure you don’t miss anything.

* It’s not too late to sign up for our hand balancing workshop at the gym this today and tomorrow May 25th and May 26th with gymnast Kirsty Grosart. You can attend just one session or both, the first session is a beginner session and the second session is intermediate.  If you are quite comfortable getting upside down and are familiar with handstand alignment principles, you can attend the intermediate session without first doing the Beginner session.  Please register ASAP or just drop in, but please make sure you arrive a bit early and sign up at reception.

* To finish up our next powerlifting strength cycle, we’d like to give our members the opportunity to test out their Squat, Bench and Deadlift in an in-house mock meet.  We’ll run the event just like a powerlifting meet and all members are welcome to participate. This will take place on Sunday, June 15th. Saturday Powerlifting and Sunday Oly time slots will be swapped for that weekend only so that we can attend the real Power In the Parkland Meet in Dauphin on June 14th.

* We’ll be hosting the CrossFit Level 1 Trainer course on June 21st and 22nd.  Check the sidebar for registration links. Unfortunately we won’t be able to hold any classes at the gym on that weekend so we’ll try to plan a field trip or park WOD so that you won’t miss out on training.

* Last few days of our Spring Leaning Nutrition and Lifestyle Challenge. Final measurements will be done between May 27th and June 2nd. We’ll be having a Wind Up with Awards on June 6th.

* We have some dates set up for our Kids Summer Camps, check the sidebar for more details. We’re doing half day camps for the younger kids and evening classes for pre-teens and teens.  Sign up your kids before classes fill up!

* Please call the gym or speak to someone at reception to book your appointment with Bryan Cobb, Massage Therapist and Trigger Point Specialist on Saturdays at the gym.  Rates are $75 per hour and we take cash, credit card or we can put this on your account if you have given us a void check. Receipts can be given out for your insurance company but  no direct billing.

Programming Preview for this week

This week we are back to heavier barbell work and more intense gymnastics.  This week, I’ve also programmed some specific stretching and cool down options, which can be done as part of class or after class if you’re a bit short on time.

As you can see, we are programming some extra skill work for competitive athletes, which you can do before or after class as long as it does not disrupt the class and that you have been cleared to do the extra work.  Please note that Performance workouts are geared toward athletes competing in the sport of CrossFit at the Rx level, and if your goal is to be fit and healthy, we recommend the Health or Fitness workouts.  All members are welcome to try the Performance workouts, as long as you can do the entire workout as prescribed, including the supplemental skill and mobility work, and that you are currently training regularly without any injuries.  Performance athletes please make sure that you get in at least 2 rest days during the week and book any maintenance appointments as needed. Please note that the Performance WODs should only be attempted if you are feeling 100%. If you have even just a minor injury, or if you haven’t slept well or have skipped your mobility work, you may be doing more harm than good by doing the Performance WOD.  Just do Health or Fitness until you feel better.

Monday: Mostly Lower body, deadlift focus

Tuesday: Mostly Upper body, horizontal pushing & pulling, gymnastics focus

Wednesday: Conditioning benchmark, and core work

Thursday: Mostly Lower Body, squat focus

Friday: Mostly Upper Body, verticcal pushing & pulling, press focus

Saturday: Mostly Lower Body, oly focus

Sunday: Skills, Make-Up or Benchmark

Spoiler Alert: Click HERE to see the details of this week’s programming.


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