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Weekly Update for June 29, 2014

* Congratulations to all our members who tested this week, we had to erase the PR board for the CrossFit Level 1 Course last weekend, but luckily we managed to fill it up this week anyway. Great work everyone, I am a very proud coach today!

* Canada Day Team workout this Tuesday July 1st at 10AM.

* Since we are closed on Canada Day, Tuesday night powerlifting class will be moved to Wednesday alongside Oly.

* We are working on providing new Open Gym times, as an add-on to your existing membership. Stay tuned for more details, but this also means that Sunday’s morning classes will be a set benchmark WOD.

Programming Preview for this week

This week we start a brand new programming cycle that will bring us to the September long weekend.  We have a few weeks of higher volume, lower intensity (well, relatively lower intensity anyway…) workouts to build a base, then we will ramp up the intensity for a few weeks, then back off a bit and then test at the end of August/beginning of September.  Some of the things we’ll be working on are higher rep back squats, heavy front squats, cleans, sumo deadlifts, dips, handstands, pistols, running, and conditioning in general. For this week, focus on perfecting your movement, rather than loads or intensity.

Monday: Mostly Lower body + HIIT metcon

Tuesday: Canada Day Team WOD (a bit of everything)

Wednesday: Balance, Agility, Core & Conditioning

Thursday: Mostly Lower Body + AMRAP metcon

Friday: Mostly Upper Body, horizontal pushing & pulling + interval metcon

Saturday: Mostly Lower body +HIIT metcon with barbell complex

Sunday: Benchmark Hero WOD

Spoiler Alert: Click HERE to see the details of this week’s programming.


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