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CFW Weekly Update for July 13th, 2014

What’s New

* The CrossFit Games in California are also on the weekend of July 26th.  You can watch some amazing athletes, including Winnipeg’s own Tyson Takasaki here.

* We are now offering the Open Gym times, as an add-on option to your existing membership. Open Gym provides members with dedicated times where they can work on their technique and practice skills at their own pace. Full details are available here.

Programming  for this week

This week we continue with our high volume programming to build our base but we start transitioning to higher rep barbell work.  We still  have tons of work to get done in our hour long classes, so please arrive on time and make your best effort to be efficient in your transitions and workout set-up, so that the coaches can get you in and out in an hour.

*  Please note that we are programming for Oly in addition to Power lifting so this will be posted on the weekly update as well as daily WOD blog.  If you have any questions about the programming, ask a coach. We’ll be programming in advance for Oly, much the same way we do for Powerlifting so that regularly attending members can benefit from progressions.

* We’re also kicking the Performance programming up a notch, with specific work & rest day recommendations, starting on a 3 on 1 off schedule, then as we progress in the cycle, we will have some weeks with less double days and some weeks with 2 on 1 off, to set you up for long term success. Of course there is no obligation to follow this exactly but the Performance programming will now give a bit more guidance, as well as some coaches notes. Please also note that the Performance programming assumes that you are in good health, getting ample sleep, recovering well, and eating well.  Do not expect to be able to follow this if you are not doing these things.

* Another minor change to  note is that we’ll post coach’s notes on the weekly update for each programming stream, but not on the daily posts.

Monday: Mostly Lower body, squat + gymnastics

Tuesday: Mostly Upper body, vertical pulling and pushing  + AMRAP metcon

Wednesday: Conditioning + mobility

Thursday: Mostly Lower Body, squat + gymnastics + single leg

Friday: Mostly Upper Body, horizontal pressing & pulling + interval metcon

Saturday: Mostly Lower body, posterior chain, deadlift focus + interval metcon

Sunday: Benchmark Girl WOD

Spoiler Alert:

Health Programming for week of July 14th, 2014

Fitness Programming for week of July 14th, 2014

Performance Programming for week of July 14th, 2014

Powerlifting Programming for week of July 14th, 2014

Oly Programming for week of July 14th, 2014


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