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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Prairie CrossFit Challenge

Power Snatch – 3x[3,2,1]; 90 sec b/t sets
Each wave of 3,2,1 should be heavier than the last
(e.g. 150×3, 160×2, 170×1, 155×3, 165×2, 175×1, 160×3, 170×2, 180×1)
Snatch Pull 100% of last single 3×3; 120s rest
Snatch Deadlift 115% of last single 3×3; 180s rest

Watch this video!

– how to position pillows so you don’t f-up your neck & shoulders
– a great groin stretch that we will NEVER show you in the gym (reasons why are explained in the vid so watch it!)
– another tip for fixing overhead positioning
– shin splints? a bonus stretch at the end

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