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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Fitness, Health & Performance:
A. 10 rounds, EMOTM for 40 minutes rotating these stations:
Sled Pull Heavy x 1 gym length
Bear Crawl x 1
10 Russian KB Swings (Heavy)
30 sec Reverse Plank or Batwing plank

Coach’s Tips

This is very similar to a workout we did over the summer, it’s a long one, but short intense efforts with some rest in between. Every minute on the minute you will do about 30 seconds or so of work, depending on the station. For the sled pull, it is facing forward, you can put the straps over your shoulders, around your shoulders or at your sides behind you, but choose a heavy weight that will allow you to work hard just to get a single gym length.  Your next movement is a bear crawl, followed by russian kettlebell swings, and finishing with reverse plank or batwing plank for 30 seconds.  If you choose batwing plank, we want your thumbs in your armpits and the rest of your body off the ground as you push your elbows down into the floor or mat.  If batwing plank is too hard for 30 seconds but you need more challenge than regular reverse plank, do the reverse plank with some leg raises for the 30 seconds.


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