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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Joao working it hard on the farmer carries
farmer carry

Fitness, Health & Performance:
A. 4 rounds, for quality and for load, not for time:
Farmer Carry 2 gym lengths heavy
Hollow hold or hollow rocks 30 sec
B. 4 rounds of 45 sec of work + 45 sec of rest, for max load:
5 deadlifts, then hold the bar for the remainder of the interval
10 GHD hip extension, then hold for the remainder of the interval
5 double KB front squat, then hold KB in front rack for the remainder of the interval
10 ring rows then hold the top of the ring row for the remainder of the interval

Coach’s Notes

Loads will be up to you on this workout, however, I invite you to challenge yourself and adjust as needed.  If working with a large group, you can work with a partner who will use a similar load and work while your partner rests then switch.  Part A is not for time but you should be working consistently during this part of the workout.  The farmer carries should be heavy, often heavier than you might think so challenge your self, kettelbells work well, as do dumbbells, sandbags, or any other heavy item.  Make sure that you do a proper deadlift everytime you pick up the weight and set it down.  For the hollows, please start with holds and if you are comfortable that you can rock without any break in the midline, then move on to rocks, these are very difficult to do well, but don’t worry about your score, instead work on getting as much as you can out of this training session.  For part B, the theme is that you will have 45 seconds of work do, which will start with a presrcibed movement, once you have completed the reps, you will then hold the top of the movement for the reminder of the work interval.  For the Deadlifts, this means standing with the weight, nice and tall, shoulders back, abs on, ass on.  For the GHD hip extensions, this means finishing each set by holding at parallel, if this is too easy to do after your 10 reps, add weight, but make sure you are hinging at the hip, not the back.  For the double kettelbell front squat, you will want to have good contact between your arm/elbow and your body so that after you do the 5 heavy reps, you just stand up but keep the kettlebells in the rack position. The ring rows tend to be  a tough hold, make sure you stay tight like a plank, and that you are squeezing shoulder blades back and down, while holding rings/thumbs right up to your armpits.  You may need to mobilize pecs, shoulders and thoracic spine in order to get there, if it is a matter of strength, please move your feet back as needed.  To make it tougher move feet forward or rings down.


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