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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Health, Fitness & Performance:
A. 3 sets:
20 sec bridge
40 sec middle splits
30 sec left splits
30 sec right splits
B. 30 minutes of work for technique not for time:
1 skin the cat or tuck up
1 set unbroken double unders (or 1 minute of practice)
1 gym length inchworm
1 gym length burpee broad jump
1 gym length bear crawl
1 run around the gym (200M)

Coach’s Tips

We start today with a bit of mobility work. For bridge, you can work with a full “wheel” pose as it is called in yoga or you can take a simplified version of the pose by tucking your shoulder blades back and clasping hands under you.  There are many other ways to modify this based on each person’s unique level of flexibility, including with hands on bricks, hands on partners ankles, or by elevating hands or feet onto a folded blue mat. Splits will be held in 3 different variations today, middle, left and right.  Choose the version that is right for you.  For Part B, we are working on pacing, focus, and technique.  If you have any knee, hip, back or ankle issues, you may want to substitute 2 steps walking lunge for the broad jump.  If running is a problem sub rowing or airdyne.


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