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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Beautiful Megan!Health, Fitness & Performance:
A. 3 rounds of 90 sec of work + 30 sec of rest, for max load:
10 deadlifts, then hold the bar for the remainder of the interval
20 GHD hip extension, then hold for the remainder of the interval
10 double KB front squat, then hold KB in front rack for the remainder of the interval
20 ring rows then hold the top of the ring row for the remainder of the interval
B. 3 rounds, not for time:
Farmer Carry 2 gym lengths heavy, use fat grips or big KBs
Hollow hold or hollow rocks 30 sec

Coach’s Tips

We last saw this workout on November 27th, but this time a longer work interval and a shorter rest interval.  These exercises do not need to be done in any specific order, so the stations can be staggered in a larger class.  The idea here is to extend each work set with an isometric hold.  For the deadlifts this will work core a grip strength, try to use the same weight you used last time for this workout.  If you are not sure err on the light side and adjust during the rest period.  If you have to put it down during the work interval it’s too heavy. For the KB Front squat work on being connected and finding a “resting” rack position. For the GHD work, the hold works posterior chain endurance and postural endurance, so stay tight and try not to fidget during this hold.  The ring rows and holding the top of the ring row is especially tough, try to keep thumbs to chest or armpits, this is a great indicator of shoulder health and mobility.  Last time we did this workout we did the farmer carries and hollow holds before, this time it’s a finisher, but make sure it’s still good quality, go as heavy as you can with the farmer carry and stay tight on your hollow holds and hollow rocks.  These are too easy to cheat, don’t be one  of those people!

Please record loads for all exercises and any other notes you need to remember for next time.


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