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Wednesday, August 25, 2010



3 rounds:
Overhead Squat, 9reps @ 135/95
40 Double Unders


2 rounds:
Overhead Squat, 15 reps @ 95/65
40 Double Unders


Overhead Squat 21 reps @ 75/55
40 Double Unders

Rx men = 45# bar with one set of 45s, one set of 25s and one set of 10s
Rx women = 45# bar with one set of 25s, one set of 10s and one set of 5s
Athletes change their own plates and must use clips.
No dropping permitted on set of 21.
Weight starts on floor (i.e. no racks)

A few items of note:

* Our new T-shirts have arrived.  These are higher quality soft cotton shirts with 2 new designs.  They will be priced at $28.75 + tax, which still comes in under $30 all told.  We are going to be trying out a new system where you can order merchandise online and charge it to your account and pick it up at the gym.  We will get a few samples out for you to try on as well.  We’ll send out an email once this system is ready to go.

* We have a price for our gymnastics workshop.  Each person must pay a $20 fee to the MGA to for insurance and we expect that if we get 10 people the use of the facilities and coaching will cost another $30 so we are looking at about $50 per person for several hours of coaching and use of equipment.  I believe the $20 fee is yearly as well so if you do any more workshops in the future, they will be cheaper.  We should have the online registration set for this event by Thursday or Friday at the latest.  Also, if you have any special requests for material you want to cover, post to comments.


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