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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Affiliate Cup 2010: B-Mac at the finish line

A. 30:00 to practice and build to heavy single with good technique on hang squat clean… focus is on third pull and landing with solid posture.
B. 3 sets of 5 single leg squats, rest 60s b/t legs

Training the Clean, Coach Burgener [wmv][mov]
Clean: The 3d Pull, Coach Burgener [wmv][mov]

Don’t forget to reserve your class time tomorrow.  Under no circumstances with the coach allow more than 12 athletes per class, so if you don’t reserve you may not get your ideal class time.  If you do decide to come in at the last minute without a reservation, please speak to the coach when you arrive so that they can add you to the roster.   First come first serve.

Please note that the Basics classes and Olympic Lifting classes are open to members at no additional cost, but you should reserve your slot.  The Basics class isn’t necessarily easier, but will have more emphasis on technique.  You will note particular emphasis on technique in this week’s regular class programming, and as such, the Basics Class will be doing the same workouts.  Starting next week, the Basics class will be have its own programming.  We will coordinate it with the regular class programming so that you can mix and match regular classes and Basics classes.


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