Tuesday, July 6, 2010

looks big when it's empty

Push Press 1RM


2 sets max pullups (set 1: c2b; set 2: cohp)


60s Average wattage on rower

You’ve probably noticed the pile of stuff leftover from our fundraiser on Sunday.  The diabetes Foundation is coming to pick up what’s left on Thursday, so if you see any items you want in boxes or garbage bags by the entrance (weightlifting shoes not included), please feel free to take if off our hands.  If you like, you can make a donation to the team in the jar for the items you choose.

We also have a supply of jerky, bars, nuts and water for sale for $2 each, with the proceeds also going to support the team.  Just grab a snack and slip a toonie in the jar.

Our class registration software was down today.  This may happen once in a while and please don’t hesitate to come to class anyway.  During the summertime when members are away and busy we haven’t had too many full classes…


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