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Tuesday, December 22nd, 2009

Frog working on cleans

Workout of the Day

Benchmark 2/5


30 Clean & Jerks for time

Advanced load is 135lbs for men, 95lbs for the ladies

This test has a lot to it… are you powerful enough to handle the rx’d (which are relatively light) weights? How does your coordination hold together by the 20th rep? Do you experience any stamina (muscle fatigue) issues? Breathing issues anyone?

This workout is a walk in the park if the weight is not adequate (coaches will try to limit access to the park). On the other hand it will crush you if you get too ambitious (coaches will try to prevent any one from being crushed). Try several different options in your warm-up.



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Courtesy of crossfit.com here are the original CrossFit Santa Cruz ladies doing “Grace”…

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