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Training During COVID-19

Important Update

We have been monitoring the developments related to COVID-19 and our province, daily. In previous updates, I said that we were waiting for clear guidance from the province, and I’m disappointed that we haven’t had any clear guidance despite the declaration of states of emergency Ontario, Minnesota and Alberta.
It is not yet mandatory to close, but it’s becoming increasingly evident that we are moving in that direction. We’ve been getting ready to make this decision, and we’re fully prepared to help you continue training via at home personal training and online events and challenges. At this point, we are not willing to expose our members and their loved ones to any unnecessary risk.
It is with a heavy heart that we announce that today will be our last day of group classes. We already cancelled our higher risk classes earlier this week and any of our remaining group programs, including CrossFit, Bootcamp, Strength Club, Weightlifting, and Open Gym will be temporarily suspended after today. Our last class will be this evening at 7:30pm. We feel it’s the responsible thing to do in light of the Coronavirus pandemic and we want to be proactive, and to help flatten the curve. The gym is an amazing gathering place and so good for us, but it’s not a necessity like a grocery store or hospital. With the emphasis on the need for social distancing NOW, we feel it’s our responsibility to help our community by suspending all group programs.
Your personal coach will be in touch to coordinate your workouts based on your equipment, space and goals. We have got your back through all of this! In fact, we’ve spent the last few days reaching out to our members, and the amount of support and understanding has been nothing short of amazing. In times of crisis, it’s important to focus on what we can control, and we’ve been absolutely overwhelmed by how positive our members are remaining during these tough times. This crisis is extremely difficult for small businesses and their staff, who rely on our members to make a living, and we appreciate our members making the choice to continue their fitness journey with us despite the trying times.

The Good News

We are 100 percent prepared for this change, and we’ve been planning for weeks. We know your best defense against any disease is a buffer of health, and we believe you need to keep working out. The North Star Online plan was created in consultation with business owners and the best gym owners in the world. We know exactly how gyms in Europe and Asia served their clients. You will receive that same elite level of care. We’ll be reaching out to every single client within 24 hours, and we’re more than happy to answer your questions.
The short version: We will be providing individualized at home personal training for each of of our members in addition to online daily challenges within our members-only Facebook group.
Online Personal Training
We have been working on our online coaching platform for several months and are 100% ready to roll it out to our group members during this crisis. The program is regularly priced at $239 to $299 per month but we’ll be offering it to our group members at no extra cost. We appreciate your support a great deal. You’ll benefit from continuity with your training and personalized attention that’s focused on helping you accomplish your goals.
Each member has been assigned to a personal coach who will reach out to find out the space and equipment each client has. Each day, that coach will assign you a workout based on your goals, space and gear. We’ll be providing more detailed info at regular intervals but wanted to get this announcement up very quickly. Stay tuned for more, including contact from a coach.
Online Community
We understand that mental and emotional health us just as important as physical health, so we will also continue to engage with our community daily with a 6 week Resiliency Challenge hosted on our private Members only Facebook Group. This will include daily immunity, mindset and fitness challenges with prizes at the end. More on that coming soon so stay tuned.
Strong people never quit. Thank you for your support!

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