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Thursday, September 16, 2010

GHD work

AMRAP in 4:00
10 Hang Squat Clean @ 95#
10 Burpees

+(rest 8:00)

AMRAP in 4:00
7 Thruster @ 95#
10 Box Jumps – 24”

+(rest 8:00)

AMRAP in 6:00
Row 200m
15 Pushups

Sask Athletes

A1. Hang Squat Clean @ 95#, 10 x 3 sets, 10 sec
A2. Burpees, 10 x 3 sets, 120 sec
B1. Thruster @ 95#, 7 x 3 sets, 10 sec
B2. Box Jumps – 24”, 10 x 3 sets, 120 sec


Now that our phase of training for Saskatchewan is over (good luck this weekend, team!), we will be shifting gears. Weeks 1 – 4 will follow this general template for strength:
M: Squat + Press
T: Deadlift
W: Oly-based metcon or tech work
R: Squat
F: Clean-based str or metcon
S: Conditioning only
U: Snatch-based str or metcon

Conditioning and accessory work will vary day-by-day, week-by-week. Upper-body gymnastic-based strength and conditioning will also be integrated throughout the week.

I want to see everyone in on either Monday or Thursday or both if you can arrange it. Other than that, hammer your weaknesses, or talk to a coach about making a weekly plan.


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