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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Fitness, Health & Performance:
A. OH Squat; build to a heavy single, then downsets 2×2
B. EMOTM for 20 minutes:
odd: 1 snatch + 10 bootstrappers
even: 1 snatch + 10 double unders

Coach’s Tips

Take about 15-20 minutes to build to a heavy single on the overhead squat, from a rack, aim for ass to grass on depth.  Once you hit your max for the day, lower the weight and do 2 sets of 2 at the lighter weights.  If you get a PR, you can skip the down sets!  Part B means 1 snatch every minute on the minute followed by either bootstrappers or double unders, though you should leave your self enough time to rest before the next snatch.  A good weight to use for this part of the workout is 80% of your max, we are looking to get a lot of good reps in, with little or no misses.  The coach will recommend a version of the snatch for you based on your skill and experience with the lift.  For more experienced lifters, a full squat snatch will work well, others may want to go with a power snatch and newer athletes should go with a hang power snatch.  If you do not have double unders, the preferred modification is to reduce the reps, I would rather see you do 2 or 3 double unders each round than substituting singles.  If you cannot do 1 double under, you can simply practice them for 10-15 seconds or you can sub high knees or crossovers, but if you take this route, take some time to practice double unders after class.


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