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Thursday, October 17, 2013

photo 3Fitness & Performance:
A. Front Squat; 5 sets of 3 across.
B. 5 rounds of 1 min of work + min of rest, for load and for reps:
3 cleans
3 thrusters
then AMRAP front rack walking lunges with the same bar.

A. Front Squat; 5 sets of 3 across.
B. 6-7 sets:
3 cleans
3 thrusters
3 front rack lunges per leg.

Coach’s tips

For Part A, aim to add about 5% to the sets of 4 that we did last week.  This means building up to a tough set of 3, then resting and doing 4 more sets of 3 at that weight.  If you are very new to CFW, you may need to build up the weight during your work sets. For Part B, you will have 1 min of work, and 1 min of rest for 5 rounds.  During the minute of work, you will do 3 cleans, power or squat, then 3 thrusters then put the bar on your shoulders in a front rack position and do walking lunges for the remainder of the minute.  In a large class, you can work with a partner and rest while your partner works.  You may adjust the weight per set, as long as you are not putting the bar down during the work interval.  Challenge yourself but keep a nice upright rack position.


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