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Thursday, May 23, 2013

A. Snatch or Snatch assistance work; 8 sets of 3
B. 12 minute AMRAP:
6 Push-ups
12 Air Squats
Run around the rink x 1

A. Snatch 8 sets of 3
B. 12-15 minutes of work, at submaximal pace:
5 Push-ups; rest 5 breaths
5 Goblet Squats; rest 5 breaths
Farmer Carry around rink; rest 10 breaths

A. Snatch 8 sets of 3
B. 12 minute AMRAP:
6 ring rips
12 Sandbag Front Squats
100 Meter Run with sandbag

Coach’s Tips

For Part A, we are looking to work on snatch technique, not going more than 85% of 1RM.  The coach will recommend a variation of the snatch they feel is appropriate for you; hang power snatch, power snatch or full snatch.  If you are fairly new to this movement the coach may also give you some assistance work such as snatch pulls, snatch balances or they may suggest that you work on your overhead squat.  Part 2 is our burner for the day.  Make sure that you are doing a variation of the workout that allows you to work at a pretty steady pace without breaking things up too much.  If  running is not an option, farmer carries are a great alternative.  Elevate hands as needed for the pushups, or if these start to go, work on holding a perfect plank for 30 seconds or doing plank pushups.  Regardless of the variation, your body should be 100% on, straight like a plank, with abs and ass engaged, fingers pointing straight up, hands under the shoulders, taking care to keep elbows close to the body.


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