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Thursday, June 23, 2011

B’s Last Day
By request of some sentimental folks I’ve designed a special workout here for my last day of coaching group classes. Some memories from my coaching & athletic career are embedded in here.

Part A:
(the official opener to any workout at River City CrossFit)
– Run or Row
– Joint mobility
– 3 rounds of push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups, squats, erector crunches (AbMat back extensions)

Part B:
(this was the workout that changed my life as an athlete. competition has a lot to teach you. I performed this workout in Arizona at the Great Basin Regionals where I had pulled my wife off of vacation in Vegas to compete instead. It was the first workout of my first competition. I had done team sports before, but never anything like this. Something came alive in me that day and everytime I think about this challenge I still get butterflies.)
for time;
Power Snatch, 135# (split snatch preferred)
Sandbag Run 100 ft (one run per round)
(workout finishes after the last snatch)

Part C:
(this was the first workout I ever coached under the “River City CrossFit” name. Dan Gange was the only participant at 6:15AM in the pitch dark of Assiniboine Park on Monday, September 10, 2007. When I came home from this session I decided to notify the PSP recruiter that I was not interested in the position for which I had interviewed the week before – I wanted to do this instead).
1 minute of each, then 45s of each, then 30s of each and then 15s of each:

Part D:
(the official closer of any workout at River City CrossFit)
“Boat Rockers” 8 x 5 rocks/5s hold


As we say goodbye to Brendan, know that without him CFW might not even exist.  When I first discovered CrossFit, I tried to do it on my own at  Goodlife.  Not so good.  Enter River City CrossFit.  If Brendan hadn’t been there running River City CrossFit, I’m not sure if I would have fallen in love with CrossFit the way I did.  I don’t know if I would have given up my old career to start CFW.  It was Brendan who taught me how to do it properly.  He first gave  me a chance to coach others.  He was open teaming up with us and open to letting the club he had built, River City CrossFit, evolve into something even bigger.   For all of this, thank you Brendan.  Have a wonderful last day, Coach B.  We’ll miss you! Brendan is coaching the noon, 3pm and 4pm classes so come by for one last workout coached by Brendan.


Lots going on today.  Remember to come out at 7pm tonight for our info session on toxicity.


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