Thursday, June 10, 2010

Everyone's rooting for you - we'll miss you!


This workout was programmed in honour of Coach “MLC” who is leaving Winnipeg this week to move to Ottawa. It was developed with a lot of love from Brendan and Tania and tested by Derek and K-Mac. Hope you enjoy!

1 round every 10:00 for a total of 3 rounds. Score is total working time (e.g. 4:01 + 4:15 + 4:45 = 13:01).

10 “squat snatch”, 95/65
15 push press, 95/65
20 squats, 95/65
25 wall ball, 20/14

For both push press & squats the bar can be held anteriorly or posteriorly; your choice. No racks allowed.

Willie Albert, 1005 CrossFit Total, 10 rounds for time

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