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Thursday, January 20, 2011

6 sets at 90-95% with 155/100#:
Power Clean x 2
Push Jerk x 2
Squat Clean x 2
Row 350m
rest 1:00

Times across all sets should be consistent. Last set should be really tough to achieve set pace.

Intergalactic Throwdown, February 5, 2011 @ Focus Fitness Mooseplex (Winnipeg)

Here’s the deal: this thing is going to happen at Focus Fitness at the Mooseplex – courtesy of AJ Zeglen. Cost will be $10 to Focus, and athletes can choose to make a donation to Funbobby’s designated charities as they see fit. Schedule TBA because I don’t have the WODs yet, but expect all day Saturday.

If anyone wants a spot held before open registration, have them do the following before Friday:

Please e-mail Mike@CrossFit204.com to register. In your e-mail, please include the following:


Age as of Feb. 5, 2011:




Phone number

Medical conditions

Preferred e-mail address for updates

Home CrossFit affiliate (if applicable)

Competitive preference: “Intergalactic” means you are an experienced CrossFitter who can perform most workouts as prescribed. If you register for Intergalactic and need scaling once the workouts are announced, we will accommodate you. There will be no muscle-ups or snatches.

“Junior” means you are under 20.

“Intermediate” means you are a novice or intermediate CrossFitter and will most likely require some modifications to the workouts. If you register for “Intermediate” and can RX the workouts once they are announced, we will do our best to accommodate you based on the number of participants in the Intergalactic division.

Notes: You will check in on the morning of Feb. 5 at Focus Fitness, where you will sign a waiver, pay $10 to the facility and make a donation to the event’s charities if you wish.

More details will be announced ASAP. Some details available at CrossFit Subzero.

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