Thursday, August 20, 2009

Freezing ice in a styrofoam cup for ice massage
Don't go buy an expensive ice pack. Instead get a supply of styrofoam cups, fill up a couple with water and keep them in your freezer. Not only is it cheaper, but it's *way* more effective. About 5 minutes of massage with one of these puppies will do the job.

Light phase. Day 1/8.
The light phase will be a mix of technique work, posterior chain development at high volume/low intensity, and some lifting at lower volumes. We will resume our “regular” programming on Friday next week. Try to avoid the temptation to do “extra” work that isn’t already a part of your regular weekly activity. Your body will reward you for this.

Nutrition modification…. for August 20 – 28 eat lower carbohydrates than usual and increase fat intake. A simple way to do this is to eat vegetables instead of fruit for most of your meals. If you are Zoning, cut the carb blocks down by about 40-50% and add 3 fat blocks for every carb block you cut. If you have no idea what you’re eating or why talk to your coach!!!

A. Snatch heavy single; 85% of that 3×1

B. Snatch Push Press 5-5-5 (RPE of 9)

C. 1+ L Up ladder – how far can you go on only 20 sec rest b/t sets? If you can’t L-Up, do knees to elbows. If you can’t K2E, do stict pullups.

D. Stretch quads, hamstrings and soleus.

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