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This is Badass. This is CrossFit.

Spoiler alert: the vast majority of CrossFitters are not what you think they are.

Most of the people sweating it out in CrossFit gyms aren’t professional athletes. They don’t have abs or a 550 pound deadlift. The majority of CrossFitters are moms, dads and students – ordinary people looking to get healthy and fit. And while you will find incredible feats of strength and fitness in CrossFit gyms, you’ll also find a lot of people grinding it out – trying their best to get a little better every day.

Just the same, the most badass CrossFit moments – the real tests of mental strength and endurance – usually go under the radar. Here are some of the most badass things I’ve seen in recent months. I’m not going to name names, but you know who you are.

Parents Building Childcare Contraptions to Get a Workout In

From jolly jumpers hanging from the pull-up bar to child playpens and activity bags, our members PUT IN WORK to get their WODs in. They show up knowing they might need to ditch out at any moment to open a cheese stick or plug in an iPad. They do whatever they can to get it done. Showing your kids that going to the gym is a part of daily life… that’s badass.

A Whole Class Cheering on a New Member

After completing a challenging partner workout, the whole class took time out of their day to sit with a new member and explain that it will all get easier. These are the moments you live for as a coach. Amazing members paying it forward: that’s badass.

A Member’s First Out of Town Drop-in

Dropping in to out of town gyms is a great way to train on vacation and get to know a new city. That’s why it’s a shame that a LOT of people are terrified of giving it a try. What if I’m not fit enough for a big city gym? You are. What if they’re mean? They won’t be. One of our longtime members recently dropped in for the first time on vacation. And guess what? She loved it. Your first drop-in: that’s badass.

Members Bringing the Positivity to 18.3

The CrossFit Open is a mental grind. There’s always a workout that pushes you to the brink. This year, it was 18.3. Pull-ups in the scaled division? What’s up with that? It was inspiring to watch our members bring the positive vibes to a seemingly insurmountable challenge. Sure enough, they did a lot more than they thought possible. Yes, the muscle ups in the RX division were awesome. But all those pull-ups and first double unders… that’s badass.

A Mom Sacrificing Her Time So Her Kids Can Work Out

To the parents who take time out of their day so their kids can attend our kids programs: we salute you. It’s hard enough finding time for yourself to work out, so finding time for your kids to workout, too – that’s badass.

Members Comparing Themselves to Their Old Selves

It’s easy to compare yourself to the person next to you, but it can be challenging to take a step back and salute your own progress. And that’s a shame. No one cares where you rank in the gym and no one cares where you rank in Canada West or the world. Seeing members take a moment to celebrate their hard work and accomplishments: that’s badass.

Do you have a badass moment you want to share? Have you seen a member or coach do something totally amazing? Email info@crossfitwinnipeg.com and let us know!


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