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The Sugar Cartel Part 1

 Hey guys,

Maybe the question has occurred to you, why is this lifestyle stuff not the mainstream intervention for chronic lifestyle conditions such as obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and myriad other inflammatory conditions? My heart hurts because someone close to me died the end of 2016 due to the current lie we are living. That lie comes from the right people being paid off by the Sugar Gangsters. 

Lets start with where Canada’s nutritional Guidelines come from. The new Food Guide is about to come out. It is not good, better than the last 40 years but still not good. I have a feeling the industry stakeholders here in Canada had a louder voice in it’s development than the public when health Canada did it’s consultations. No meetings with the public ever took place but they did do online surveys where they more or less guided you into giving the answers they wanted to hear. I know because I took the survey. Here is a list of which steak holders Health Canada actually met with.

I have not ordered any of these meeting minutes. I have gone through the list of stake holders and the themes associated with their input on what is healthy for Canadians. Very little dialogue on what is actually healthy seems to have occurred at these meetings. The result is more of the same UNHEALTHY advise. 

Here is a very good analysis of the garbage Health Canada is spewing. 

Investigative Journalist and author of “The Big Fat Surprise”, Nina Teicholz did an investigative piece published in the BMJ on the conflicts in our American Counter parts system.

Maybe this answers why the people at Health (Ever Sick) Canada who are suppose to be figuring out what is best for Canadians are ignoring the cure and shitting the bed.

Tomorrow we will look at a couple of modern day Galileo’s. Orthopaedic Surgeon Gary Fettle and A1 scientist Professor Tim Noakes. These brave truth tellers have gone through terrible witch hunts based on their nutrition perspectives. Friday we will be looking at our very own Canadian version of the Sugar Cartel attempting to take down a Doctor who is doing right by Canadians. 

Go tell it on the mountain,

Coach Gary


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