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The Results Are In

Hey Leaners,

Here I go bearing all again. A glimpse into me at 24 and now me at 34. We are getting there.

I hope the leaning went as well for you as it did for me. I stuck to my sleep plan, my strategy worked exactly as I thought it would. There were a few indulgences here and there. But….

  • My recovery from intense workouts is very good
  • I am more motivated to work out 
  • My mood and libido are very good 
  • My memory and cognition are noticeably improved 


If you remember from my confession, my plan was as follows:

  • Wake up early every day and get as much morning blue light stimulation as possible. 
  • Observe a caffeine curfew of 11am. 
  • Abstain from alcohol for the duration of the challenge. 
  • Devise in night shift mode and dim it. 
  • Get up 7 am week one,  5 am week 2 and to bed 12 am week one and 9 pm week 2. 
  • Sleep cave. 

My tendency strategy was as follows:

– High perceived level of public accountability, reasoned to suit my questioner inclinations.

  • Be cognizant to love myself more than I love the addiction to convenience. Improving these numbers will make everything better. A
  • Be cognizant that a quality body runs in tandem with and frames a quality mind which has an overall cascade effect toward a quality life. 

Here was my starting point.

Body fat 21.8 %, April 18, 2018.

My Waist to Hip Ratio is 39.5inches/41inches = .96 which is high. Meaning red zone on the chart. Yikes!

5 minute Burpee AMRAP April 17, 2018 67 reps, goal- 75 reps. Next test, week of May 28, 2018.

Check point.

Body fat 19.8 %, May 30, 2018

My Waist to Hip Ratio is 38 inches/41inches = .92 which is now average.

5 minute Burpee AMRAP same day as measurements. 75 reps with 5 seconds to spare.



I never want to be this guy again. I wasted my twenties on carbs. 

Here is my challenge beyond the challenge to continue my strategy. On July 9th, 2018 I will follow up with measurements and bench mark to see where I am at. Good or bad. It is in my calendar. 

See you at the next check point. 

Coach Gary


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