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The Level Method – What’s Next?

Congrats to everyone who took part in our initial “Big Bang” of Level Method testing! At this point you’ve probably tested all or some of the 15 fitness groups and you’re probably wondering, “What’s next?”.

If you’re short a few tests, let’s get them done! Deadlifts, front squats, chin-ups and rings all show up often in workouts – when testing opportunities arise, we’ll make a note in the weekly update. Items like the 20 min row can be done on your own – just take a photo. For the more complicated, time-intensive workouts (Squat Endurance, Lactic Tolerance, etc) we’ll be retesting over time in class, so hang tight and keep working on your fitness.

Once you get your overall level, here’s what you can do:

Step 1: Take a Moment to Reflect

Take a moment to celebrate everything you’ve achieved and how far you’ve come. Remember that you have earned every level, and be proud of the hours you’ve put in. Take a look at your standings, identify weaknesses and try to reframe them as an opportunity for growth.

Step 2: Let’s Set Some Goals… Together

Whether it’s increasing your pushing strength or getting those raw strength numbers up, we can help. Book a goal review and we can get you started. The reality is that it will take more than days or weeks to colour up, but wherever you want to go, you’ll get there one step (and one level) at a time. We can help you set realistic short and long-term goals and help plot your course.

Step 3A: Get to Work on Your Weaknesses!

If it’s pull-ups and push-ups you crave, maybe some extra nutrition help is the answer. We also have pulling and pushing progressions you can do before and after class to build up your gymnastics skills. For pure strength, our powerlifting program has proven itself time and time again. Olympic lifting? Have you met Terry and Char? Did the API test destroy you? Add in some extra SWEAT30 classes! Book a quick check-in and we can get you started.

Step 3B: Keep on Pushing. Keep On Progressing.

If you’re happy with your progress and just love working out, keep doing what you’re doing! You’ll continue to see gains in all areas of fitness as long as you are training consistently, recovering properly and keeping your nutrition in check. If you don’t have any specific goals, keep your workout days varied and keep being awesome!

Step 4: Retest as Part of Our Ongoing Programming

Rome wasn’t built in a day and you won’t level up overnight. Keep building your fitness, keep building your capacity, and retest when it makes sense. Now that our big bang of testing is over, we’ll be testing fitness groups as part of our ongoing programming. We’ll also be assigning retest options on Sundays. If you’re one or two levels short of your Overall Fitness Level, let us know and we can fit you in.

The Level Method is designed to guide and track your long-term fitness progress. In the short-term, all you need to do is keep working hard, keep being consistent, and then decide where you want to focus any additional energy in terms of attacking your weaknesses. We hope this all makes sense and that you’re having fun!


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