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March is Push-Up Month at CFW

[text_divider type=”single”] What a proper push-up looks like [/text_divider] March is Push-Up month at CFW. Every day we’ll do some variation on a push-up or

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Just breathe: yoga for athletes

– written by Tania Tetrault Vrga, originally published in the Free Press What do crossfitters, runners, soccer players, and stressed out executives have in common?

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Want Pullups?

The Pullup The pullup is arguably the king of upper body exercises.  It’s a functional, compound movement that also happens to be a great indicator

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CFW House Rules

As our membership grows, we want to continue to provide a clean and organized facility, and to make sure that classes run smoothly.  We’ve revamped

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No Rest For the Wicked

By Rich Thomas Most people now a days recognize the benefits of exercise and physical activity, but there are those who do not understand the

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