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Thoughts on FrostFit 2013

It’s been a week since FrostFit and I’ve been thinking about what to write all week.  The fact is that regardless of all the blood,

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FrostFit 2013 Event 3

Keep Calm and Kettlebell Jerk On 2:00PM – 3:45PM   DESCRIPTION Workout #3 will consist of 2 separately scored events, each 5 minutes in duration,

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FrostFit 2013 Event 2

Couplet Ladder   11:30AM – 1:30PM DESCRIPTION This workout is comprised of three stations, each with a couplet of two movements. Athletes will alternate between

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FrostFit 2013 Event 1

Clean Ladder 9:00AM – 11:10AM DESCRIPTION The first event of FrostFit 2013 is a CrossFit Games-inspired Clean Ladder. Athletes will have 45 seconds in which

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