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Sustainable Soil Part 2


I have lots of material for you to go over so I am going to keep this short. 

In this video series Joel Salatin gets into the specifics of how he farms carbon. 

Polyface farm video 1

Polyface farm video 2

Polyface farm video 3

Yesterday I showed you how to green a desert. Today I want to introduce you to two more books on soil. “Growing a Revolution” has to solution to growing cash crops to turn a profit and works toward solving the worlds soil woes by building not taking like the chemical agricultural model does. Also to get a better understanding of soil I encourage you to pick up “The Hidden Half of Nature.” Both these books are written by Dr. David Montgomery.

Soil building is the key to drought proofing the land in times of warming.

To summarize, I have offered low to no chemical input solutions to hitting two birds with one stone. The need to sequester carbon out of the air if the GHG manmade climate change theory is correct is met. The need to restore soil to the proper places through the world can be met. Producing very healthy animal and plant calories for human consumption along the way. No more carbage! Yay!!

Local food systems where ten 100 acre biodiverse family farms replace 1000 acres of canola, soy, wheat and corn is where we need to go. We need to halt industrial animal husbandry practices and destructive grazing practices. We need to halt exploitive agricultural practices that eat and erode the soil. We need to replenish our aquifers. Soil building is the key to all this. Both plants and animals are needed for this much the same way the prairies were built. 

Tomorrow we will explore my dream home. The Earthship. 

Get dirty,

Coach Gary 


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