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Sustainable Soil Part 1

 Howdy folks,

Do you remember what happens if you over feed on refined easily digested carbohydrates? Some kinds of gut bacteria migrate up the G.I. tract high into the small intestine and have no competition, eat everything in sight and throw you internal ecosystem outta whack. You chug along, inflamed, uncomfortable until you develop any number of chronic lifestyle conditions.

What happened when people starting protecting animals, eradicating predators, and allow their herbivores to openly selectively graze? Desertification. Areas that had its crop fertility exhausted usually switched to animal husbandry, what happened as a result of further imbalances ecosystem? Desertification. What was Mesopotamia called where the Tigris met the Euphrates? The Fertile Crescent that’s what. Today it is a desert. It took that part of the world ten to fifteen thousand years to go from fertile to desert through human activity. Through the earths history, her skin, the soil, was always intact until we came along. Soil is very biodiverse. Teeming with life. it is the ultimate check and balance recycler. The soil is basically the foundation of life. Remember yesterday’s post? Where I said the earth might be naturally getting warm during this inter-glacial period. Well we are doing it with less soil. Warmer air can evaporate and hold more water. That means more intense weather systems. That water should be sequestered into the soil rather than in the air and back into the oceans. Guess where else the water is not because of lack of soil? In the beginning process of the hydrological cycle. It flash floods into low land and back into rivers streams and oceans and the air. 

Were Syrians war refugees or environmental refugees? Civilizations fell into chaos as they lost their soil. Famine and drought always lead to chaos and collapse.  Check it out here.


We are not bad here in Manitoba, We still have lots of top soil and more and more people are into sustainable agricultural practices. Check out Luna Field Farm. But there are still many that are squandering what we have with the use of biocides, mono spectated agriculture and mono crop agriculture. I hate driving through rural Manitoba seeing a sea of canola yellow. How much life was sacrificed on how many levels so that crop could exist? Combine, wheat, corn, soy, industrial pig, cattle and chicken. You have ecological genocide completely outside earths natural bio rhythms. Modern chemical industrial agriculture has taken the top soil of Ohio from 12 feet thick in some places to 6 inches in less than 500 years. Yikes!

Have no fear ladies and gentleman there are answers and ways already discovered and producing. Check out Michael Pollen talk on Joel Salatin as an introduction. From there look at Joel’s Tedx talk. Luna Field farms is worth mentioning again. Also Check out these guys who are greening the desert with smart irrigation. Tomorrow I will show more on the agricultural specifics of how this is accomplished. We will discuss more specifically what a drought proof farm looks like, animal husbandry and growing soil with monoculture cash crops and carbon sequestration for reducing the amount of carbon in the atmosphere.

Happy Monday,


Coach Gary


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