Sunday, May 16th, 2010

Workout of the Day

Today begins our preparation for next weekend’s Saskatchewan Spring Fling. The intent for the week is higher intensity with, generally, shorter workouts… speed and power vs. endurance.

If you are not competing in the Spring Fling, please plan to make it in on either Saturday or Sunday next week to participate in 1 or more challenges from either the Saskatchewan Spring Fling or a recent CrossFit Sectionals Event.

If you are competing in the Spring Fling, please plan to rest on Friday, if not both Thursday and Friday.

This week may not feel as taxing on the body. This is a good thing for everyone… even if you’re not competing. Please don’t feel like you should layer on any extra layer of difficulty this week because you are not competing. The lower volume weeks are important to everyone’s goals.

For time:
150 Box Jumps, 20/16″; rest 2:00
200 Double Unders; rest 2:00
100 Wall Ball, 20/14

Advanced competitors:
Box Jumps must be in sets of 30
Double Unders must be in sets of 40
Wall Ball must be in sets of 20

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