Sunday, March 14th, 2010

Lots of PRs this week - congrats!

CrossFit Winnipeg Athletes

12,9,6,3 rep rounds for time;
Dead Lift – 315#/225#
Muscle Ups

Sectionals Athletes

part 1:
CFWA Workout of the Day

rest 1 hour

part 2:
3 sets for total working time:
3 x [1 hang power clean/2 hang squat clean/3 push jerk – 135#/95#/5 burpees/6 cone touches]
rest 2 min

* DL – you cannot drop weight from top
* muscle ups – arms at full extension at bottom and top
* part 2 – 1 set = 3 rounds of 1 HPC/2HSC/3PJ/5 burpees/6 cone touches – 20′ apart; i.e. you perform the BB complex, back up and perform 5 burpees, then proceed to cone # 1, touch this cone and another one 20′ away from that one for a total of 6 times (i,e each cone 3 times)…then go back to the BB complex and perform the entire set 2 more times; TIME this set, rest 2 minutes and repeat the 3 rounds 2 more times timing each round; add all times together

Power Firm is a local guy who sells weightlifting shoes and Joelle is willing to contact him and organize for him to come to the gym.  If interested in buying weightlifting shoes, please email Jojo at


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