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Sunday July 7, 2013

The gym is closed today, except for a Team Workout at 8AM.

A. 2013 Regionals Events #2 & #3: 7 minutes to 3RM overhead squat & AMRAP burpee muscle ups in 7 minutes
B. 2013 Regionals Event #6:

For Time:
100 Double-unders, 50 each
50 Handstand push-ups while partner holds handstand
50 Toes-to-bar while partner hangs from the bar
50 Shoulder to overhead with axle (160 / 100 lbs) while partner holds axle in front rack
Then, both partners lunge 90’ with the axles in a front rack position (man first, then woman, both can be moving)

Please click HERE for all the details.

Coach’s Tips

Team Workouts are often tough to organize and to modify, so I leave it at the coach’s discretion to modify as needed for the group.  If we have a large group and are short on time, I would recommend doing only Part A or only Part B.  One idea would be for Fitness & Health athletes to work on Part A and for the Performance athletes to try out Part B as a team.

Ideally Part A would be done in teams of 6, but it can also be done in teams of 4. Part B can be done in teams of 2 or 3 or 4, and any extra players can be resting, as long as two people are working. If done in teams of 3, the third person can rest. For Health and Fitness athletes, we can work from a rack for the overhead squats and do regular burpees instead of burpee muscle-ups.


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