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The Sugar Cartel Part 3


Forget for a minute that that there are big players with deep pockets actively fighting against your health and the health of your loved ones. Imaging if we won the Metabolic War and our food systems and medicine were on point. What does that look like to you? Did any of you pick up Gretchen Rubin’s book Better Than Before? Remember where she describes the four pillars of health being cascade habits that make all other good habits easier to attain? What if whole food, sleep, movement and community were the main message being told to us in schools, at the hospitals, at the supermarket and at the Dr.’s office? Collectively, I see that leading to healthy and able bodied people growing our economy in a smart sustainable direction. I see Grand Parents monkey baring with the Grand Kids. I see millions of lives saved and billions of dollars invested elsewhere. It’s up to us. More on this tomorrow. I am going to break away from Science Saturday and offer up a solution that could potentially transform our society whole sale. From Health Care to Agriculture and all the carbon in-between. 

Lets talk about who is on our team in this metabolic war. We know about Fettke  and Noakes from yesterday. Today, check out the situation with Quebec family physician Dr Èvelyne Bourdua-Roy. Dr. Bourdua-Roy’s regulatory body, the Quebec College of Physicians, is investigating her for comments on diet and nutrition she made on a radio talk-show. Nutritionists who might be members of Dietitians of Canada (DoC) lodged complaints, claiming that Dr. Bourdua-Roy made  “inappropriate declarations”. I say maybe because in this linked article Marika Sboros asked DoC president if it was member who launched the complaint and the President refused to answer the question.

Before I talk about the rest of the players on our side here is the proof I mentioned yesterday. This is a detailed list of the folks being paid by Coca cola the ring leader of the Sugar Cartel.

The Canadian Senate is with us.The Canadian Senate produced an Obesity report in 2016. In it they consult with folks who get results in the Health and Wellness industry and call out Health Canada for sub-par recommendations. Also on our side are over 700 Canadian Doctors and Allied Health Professionals who have signed a letter to The Federal Minister of Health.

Here is a more detailed letter.

I am happy to say Dr. Bourdua-Roy is not alone in her fight and neither are we. I am very optimistic we can get a handle on public health with in our lifetime. Our Health Care system of over burdened with chronic lifestyle conditions including the acute stuff that goes with it. Our Health care providers are great at putting all the Humpty Dumpty’s back together with their second to none acute care skills. Lets lighten the load on our over burdened system. Take what you have learned during this challenge and take a life time to continue on being healthy until the real challenge is over.

As Coach Gassman said in CFJ #15

“Suppressing truth is like holding a beach ball under water; it takes constant work against a tireless resistance.They have slipped and our position sits like the beach ball on top of the water, where everyone can see it.”

Thank you,


Coach Gary   






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