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Start Now. And Never Stop.

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Looking for that secret sauce? The hidden door at the back of the wardrobe that will bring you straight to your fitness goals? Well, here it is: Start now. And never stop.

Where do you start? Whether you’re 75 pounds overweight and scared for your life or just want to get a little stronger or quicker, for my money it’s gotta be coach-led high-intensity group fitness. You need a coach because you don’t know what you’re doing. Sorry, but it’s 99% likely true. You need a group to bring up the energy (and bring down the cost) and intensity equals results.

I’m partial to CrossFit (wink wink), but kickboxing, spin or whatever else that’s close to home and fits your vibe will do.

With me so far? Choose CrossFit or whatever… and start NOW. As in call the gym as soon as you’re done this article and sign up for a free intro class. Get in there ASAP and get moving. Unless your intro is horrendous, give it the old college try and sign up… TODAY. Not tomorrow. It won’t be easier tomorrow, trust me. Don’t wait until you’re ten pounds heavier or you have a second kid or work is more stressful or you have a health scare. Today is the best time.

Once you start, all you need to do is start showing up. 3-5 classes a week will do just fine. Schedule them in advance, add them to your personal and work calendars and do not skip your workouts unless you are broken, contagious or a meteor is projected to hit the earth. You are a grown-up and you need to workout, period. It is just as important as anything else in your life.

Once you commit to those classes, ‘losing weight’ or ‘getting jacked’ or ‘getting healthy’ is no longer a thing you want to start doing… it’s what you are doing! It’s a habit. You’re winning. You have momentum.

Step 4: Never stop. Yes there will be slips and yes you will get the flu and miss a week of workouts. It’s fine. You’ll be back next week and over the course of the month or year or fortnight or however you measure large blocks of time you will be healthier. You will be stronger. You will look and feel better at work or the beach or wherever else you go.

The only thing that will slow that awesome momentum is stopping. So don’t. You are not a quitter, so don’t quit. If you go on vacation for a week, eat your veggies and Google Hotel CrossFit Workouts. If you take a month off to go to the lake in the summer, bring a kettlebell or go for a daily run and stay in the mindset of “I’m a person who works out.”

You can take a break if you absolutely know you can get back on the horse, but my advice is this: don’t break the chain. Don’t expect that you have the willpower or strength to begin again from scratch.

Start now. And never stop. That’s the secret. Enjoy!

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